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  • Welcome Optimized Geek listeners.

    I appreciate you listening to the recent podcast with Stephan Spencer. As promised, this page has the links to the free gifts and some links to discounted products which were mentioned in the podcast.

    If you really liked the “in depth” conversation we had about how to the mind works to manifest a better life, you will want to download the video and audio tracks for the program called Unstoppable You. It is my latest and most comprehensive program about the key topics we discussed on the program. The link

    on this page offers the $997 program for just $297.

    Whether or not you invest money now, please invest some time and download the two gifts on this page. You will inspired and captivated.

    1. The Magic Question (book and audio book).

    Magic Question book

    Click here to download the book, free.

    *Note the audio book download will arrive in your email box 24 hours after the PDF book passcodes

    2. The tele-class called Double Your Income - A conversation about Belief Systems Values and how to understand what motivates you at the unconscious level.

    Bar Bagget

    3. Free Handwriting Analysis Self Test

    4. Hire an expert to analyze your handwriting or tutor you in learning the basics or become a Certified expert

    5. Invest in over 23 modules of life changing video and audio seminar hosted by Bart Baggett. Get the Unstoppable You program. Insert Unstoppable You graphic.

    link to here:

    6. Download the Neuro-Audio Therapy program to overcome self-consciousness and fear of rejection. This page discounts the program from $197 to $10. (Please do not share this page.)

    7. Read about Neuro -Audio therapy.

    8. See all products by Bart Baggett

    9. Enroll into the Level 100 Video training course about how to analyze handwriting

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